Rated the #1 Amenity by Residents. 

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Upscale Valet Trash & Services offers much more than just door-to-door waste removal services. One of our goals here at UVT is to provide eco-friendly solutions that are safe for your community, pets and our environment. Please check-out our add-on services that we offer in a customized package to meet all of your property needs! Upscale Valet Trash & Services is ready to build with you and service your community.What are you waiting for? 

Valet Trash 

 Waste bins are FREE for all residents plus  no upfront fees! Lets get started today and provide your residents with this upscale service. 

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Recycle Program

 We are a business that cares about the environment. Our recycle program encourages & shows your community how to recycle correctly and the benefits of it! Recycle bins will be provided.

Bulk Trash Pick- up

Do you have residents moving in or out? Do you have unwanted furniture hanging out around your trash bin causing a real eye sore?  If you answered yes, We can help! Schedule a pick up and we will get the job done!  You call, we haul! ( we also offer flat fee rates to new residents & commercial properties....ssshhhhh)

 Eco- Friendly Pest Control

We all know that bugs are not wanted inside the comfort of our homes. Keep your residents and community pest-free with  Upscale Valet Trash & Services. We offer affordable bi-weekly or monthly pest control services to you by licensed professionals using eco-friendly products.


Lets be honest our exterior surfaces accumulate dirt, grime,mildew and other bacteria that can be harmful to all of us. Having pressure washing scheduled one to two times a year helps ensure that you are removing these contaminants that can be harmful to residents and their pets. We offer this service at affordable price!

 Organic Carpet Cleaning

 Getting your carpet cleaned once a year is just not enough! We offer year round carpet cleaning services to residents especially those with children or pets. We also offer green cleaning solutions using bio-degradable chemicals.


They are very professional and friendly! I am so glad that we have this amenity in my apartments! Not only do they collect my trash but they helped us move into our apartment which saved us a lot of time and money!

Karen Hobson - Resident, 2 years

Service Prices

Additional Services

Landscaping/ Lawn Service

starting at


Per Month

Best Package Offer

per session


Installation & Design, Repair Services & Troubleshooting


Mowing, planting, turf installation & tree trimming

Weed Control

Fungus control & Pest Control

Landscape Design

Installations & Renovations


Pool Maintenance

starting at


Per Week

Best for General Upkeep

1 hr session

Check water levels

Test water hardness

Inspect pool for clarity,color & visible contaminants

Remove leaves/Shock Treatment

Check filter pressure


Residential /Commercial Cleaning

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Best for Busy Homes

2 hour session